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Shorewest, REALTORS® is proud to announce that the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA), led by chairperson and Shorewest, REALTORS® President, Joe Horning, has spearheaded five historic bipartisan bills that will help to improve housing accessibility throughout the state. These monumental bills are part of the largest piece of real estate legislation in the history of Wisconsin and have received over $565 million in funding. During a time when Wisconsin is seeing historically low inventory numbers, these bills will do wonders to help solve the housing crisis that the state is currently facing.

How did a need for bills like these arrive? When planning to build in new communities, two major factors cause home building to fall through; lack of financing and opposition from existing residents. When people oppose the development of new homes in their community, they cause a limited supply within a community, increasing the price of housing. This makes it more difficult for potential homeowners to purchase within their desired community. Planning a new development is not only a time-consuming process but also an expensive one. When the plan is rejected or ignored, it becomes a costly loss of time and resources.

Covering everything from rehabilitating existing properties to converting old commercial buildings to modern multi-family housing, these bills will be a major asset to improving the current housing situation for many residents of our state. Shorewest is proud to have been a part of this historic effort to make housing more accessible to residents in Wisconsin, as this effort greatly aligns with our mission of helping people from all walks of life become homeowners. To learn more about these bills, what they do and how they could affect your community, visit the WRA website. 

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