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Looking to make a change in your home décor this year? While many of the popular trends from 2022 will be staying in front of design trends this year, 2023 brought plenty of new directions for changing up the look of your space. Continue reading for some fresh ideas on how to bring your home into the new year.

Warm Color Palettes

If you’re over the cool tones and silver accents that we saw heavily featured throughout the past few years, you’ll be happy to hear that warmer palettes are still on the rise for 2023. Look for earth tones that are rooted in that warm family. Consider shades like terracotta, rust or even a dusty rose as your accent of choice!

Vintage is In

We’ve seen a major shift towards refurbished, reinvented and reusable décor in homes. From brass lighting fixtures to ornate wooden furniture, people are giving their home an “antique” makeover. Visit your local thrift stores to see what unique pieces you can find to add personality to your living space.

Simplistic Bedroom

Creating a space that is meant for you to unwind and hide from the world is important in 2023. Turn your bedroom into your favorite room in the house by using clean, simple colors. Find a comforter and sheet set that makes your bed irresistible to you, and don’t forget to bring in some plants to keep the space feeling green and earthy!

Minimalist Pillows

Looking to add new pillows to your living space? Reach for soft, muted color tones that go with your palette. Statement pillows with images, words or bright colors are quickly moving into the past and can give your couch and room a dated look. If you’re not ready to go out and buy entirely new pillows for your furniture, a simple pillowcase or cover is more than enough to transform your space.

The most important part of redoing your living space is ensuring that it is a place that you love and brings you tranquility after being out in the busy world. While these are only a few of the popular trends of 2023, the year is still young and things are subject to change as the year goes on. Keep an eye on the styles for this coming year to see what trends best fit your home and lifestyle! 

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